DCA Launches New Education and Training Division: Opens ComputerLab to offer Tutoring Services to Local Youth

Education Center 4

According to a May,2012 study released by the Alliance for Excellent Education entitled Education Culture Shift, “…all students must be able to think critically, communicate effectively, collaborate with others, and analyze information and sources while meeting rigorous benchmarks, such as those contained in the common core state standards.”  Additionally, as the authors of Teaching 2030 further stipulate that, “students must be able to find, synthesis, and evaluate information from a wide variety of subjects and sources. This requires a shift from a teacher-centric culture to one that supports learner-centered instruction with an intense focus on the student, whether in face-to face, blended, or virtual environments.”

DCA Executive Director, Larry Williams, feels” that the delta community especially recognizes that much work needs to be done  in order to help ensure that our youth receive as much educational support as possible, in order that they can compete in today’s  increasingly complex global workforce. It is this dire need in the region for educational support systems why DCA has officially launched its’ new Education and Training Division.”

On Wednesday, March 20, 2013, DCA was joined by a variety of its’ local supporters to hold a Press Conference to gratefully announce that the organization had received 15 refurbished laptop computers from  United Healthcare Community and State  Division, through their corporate Community Computers Program. DCA was very pleased that Marcia Williams Cromer, Director of Community Relations, United Healthcare Community & State, spoke with local news reporters from WABG and WXVT to announce the donation of the laptops.  DCA would also like to gratefully acknowledge United Healthcare’s Othor Cane and Kobie Wells for their respective roles in the event.

The donated computers added the finishing touch to DCA’s Education and Training ComputerLab. DCA is especially thankful for the contributions and assistance it has received from various local sponsors and supporters who have assisted the organization in its’ quest to make the Education and Training Computerlab a reality: “Dawkins Office Supply Company; Greenville Arts Council; CompuSystems, Inc.; and Integrity Systems, Inc. have all played integral roles in assisting DCA to achieve its’ goal in this endeavor”, Williams notes with a grateful smile.

In addition to offering core competencies tutoring services to at-risk local students through funds received from grants and donations, DCA is finalizing partnership arrangements with Optimistic Minds, LLC, a Mississippi-based education services provider, to also offer fee-based tutoring services that will provide individualized and differentiated training that will be based upon each participating child’s existing learning curve. The tutoring services to be provided are closely patterned after the Sylvan Learning Process. Optimistic Minds owner, Cheryl Holiness, is a certified teacher/trainer/consultant , whose expertise is highly acknowledged throughout the region, will contract  as DCA’s Director of Education and Training , and will provide on-site management of the on-going tutoring  programs slated to begin by the end of May,2013.