MS State Department of Health/Delta Health Collaborative Presents Shaping Policy for Health Two-Day Seminar

The MS State Department of Health/Delta Health Collaborative continues to provide capacity building by arranging community health education training opportunities for its grantees.    On August 26-27, 2013, DCA staff member Tasha Griffin attended a two day Shaping Policy for Health Training Workshop.  The training was conducted by Directors of Health Promotion and Education (DHPE) whose motto is “ Making healthy communities happen”.

The training was developed to recognize that health problems are heavily influenced by policies and environments that either sustain healthy behaviors and practices or fail to support healthy choices. DHPE’s Shaping Policy shows that major public health problems won’t be solved by individual actions and healthy choices but by coming together to forge a society where healthy choices are easy and popular.  Also to impact healthy behavior, public health behaviors, public health practitioners must focus on policy, environmental, and systems approaches.  And that we must engage with non-health sectors of our society and work together for the health of people in our communities and states.

DCA staff and MSDH grantees were guided through understanding of:

  • policy analysis
  • stakeholder power  analysis
  • impact analysis
  • developing feasibility and impact criteria
  • construct and use impact analysis
  • describe how to structure a policy brief

Training opportunities such as these helps build DCA’s capacity to provide community health education activities and programs (i.e.: Washington County Planning and Development Council) and to better promote healthy lifestyle choices throughout the delta region.